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        Service center


        Service center


        1) service concept: exceed customer expectations, to exceed the industry standard, service creates value.

        2) service mission: to all customers, creating customer value.

        3) service objectives: faster, more reliable, more satisfied

        4) service commitment: a telephone call instantly troubleshooting customer beyond repair, the province 24 hours,72 hours outside the arrival arrive, a one-time repair, completed within a day, once seized Qualcomm, a training, a return visit.

        5) awareness of the service basic requirements: -- do know one's limitations, fulfill duty; understanding -- the respect for the guests, and understand the needs of the guests; in every possible way -- from the detail and hands; not to mind taking the trouble -- the customer is always right.

        Zaozhuang Yi Xin Heavy Machine Tools Co., Ltd. Tel:+86-632-8612858 Fax:+86-632-8612868 zzyxjc@yahoo.cn +86-13296322656 zzyxjc@aliyun.com